Youth Ministries

Great Careers

With this degree you would find yourself to be well-prepared and at the top of the hiring list as a:

•    Youth pastor or director in a church, para-church youth organization or community outreach centers
•    Missionary working to create healthy environments for youth and their families in an international setting t
•    Program director developing programs to mentor and reach at-risk youth or inner city populations.
•    Fundraising or networking director focused on building awareness for youth-centered organizations.
•    Case management worker in both profit and nonprofit organizations focused on helping youth in half-way homes, group homes or pregnancy centers
•    Researcher for community centers, hospitals, adoption agencies, rehabilitation centers or camp programs.
•    Writer for organizations focused on youth culture (book publishers, radio/TV stations, nonprofit organizations, newspapers, magazines or manufacturers).
•    Social services director for federal, state and local government agencies focused on youth.
•    Teacher or administrator for Christian schools, youth care centers (private or public) or extended school programs