Youth Ministries

Degree Plans

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree with major in Youth
Ministries Sample Four-Year Plan

First Year Spring
BBL 1023 New Testament Survey
EGL 1023 English II
3 hours Physical Science Core
COR 1111-91 Wellness Activity
HST 1023 Western Civilization II
CMN 1213 Christian Leadership & Service
Total 16
First Year Fall
COR 1002 Gateway Seminar
                  in Christian Scholarship
BBL 1013 Old Testament Survey
EGL 1013 English I
COR 1012 Wellness
HST 1013 Western Civilization I
Total 13
Second Year Spring
BBL 3003 Evangelical Theology
FAM 2123 Relationship Development
CMN 2313 Christian Formation
                  of Adolescents
RPH 3003 Introduction to Philosophy
Total 15
Second Year Fall
CMN 2263 Discipleship & Evangelism
CMN 2463 Youth Culture
POL 2013 American Government
*BBL 34_3 New Testament Book Study
               3 hours Life Science Core
Total 15
Third Year Spring
CMN 4493 Ministering to Families
                  across the Life Span
FAM 3243 Family Sexuality
FAM 4443 Critical Concerns
MTH 2103 Statistics with Computer 
CMN 4221 Introduction to Senior Seminar
Total 16
Third Year Fall
CMN 2373 Experiential Education
RPH 3323 Philosophy of the Christian Faith
FAM 2133 Introduction to Family Science
BBL 3223 Communicating the Christian Message
Total 18
Fourth Year Summer
CMN 4623 Cross-Cultural Internship

Fourth Year Spring
CMN 3313 Youth Ministries Capstone
BBL 4002 Capstone Seminar
                 in Christian Formation
CMN 4624 Local Internship
EGL 4003 Masterpieces of Literature
              3 hours Arts Core
 Total 15
Fourth Year Fall
CMN 4433 Senior Seminar Concentration
CMN 4624 Local Internship
Total 16

Total: 124 hours

Youth Ministries 4 Year Plan