Youth Ministries

Cool Facts

Youth ministries majors have unique opportunities at JBU to minister to local students, go on outreach trips, learn from experienced faculty and more!

***Two Youth ministries major students on JBU's speech and debate team took first place in the state of Arkansas in Individual Events (Speech) at the Southern Forensics Championship Tournament in 2013.

Students present research at conferences



Students present papers at academic conferences (pictured right).




Students mentor and volunteer with youth-outreach programs on campus.

Class papers can turn into National Conference Presentations: During my time here at John Brown University as a youth ministry major I've had some great chances to grow academically. For example, one of the papers that I wrote for a  class covering the Theology of Karl Barth last semester focused on Karl Barth's theology of vocation. Not only did Dr.'s Castleman and Raith help me to refine it, but also encouraged  me to submit it for presentation at several conferences. To my surprise, and joy, it was accepted at all 2 of them. After recently presenting my first conference paper at Truman State University, I realized that the opportunities and gifts that I have are all because of God's goodness. This makes me excited because, if I keep going down this road,  not only will I have a great chance to meet people who have similar interests to me and but I will be able to share God through me all along the way.

Study abroad in irelandStudents spend a summer working with an archeological excavation in Jordan, uncovering the ancient city of Abila of the Decapolis, scuba diving in the Red Sea, camping in the desert of Wadi Rum and more!

Students study with faculty in the United Kingdom