Felons flee following forested firefight

(March 23, 2004) - (Alread-AP) -- More than three dozen law officers have fanned out amid the woods and bluffs of Van Buren County in the continuing search for two fugitives wanted for the shooting of a state trooper. The suspects fled yesterday after firing shots when police tried to serve warrants at the makeshift hut in Van Buren County where the men lived. Police believed they had the men pinned down but the suspects had slipped out ten hours before officers realized they were gone. Convicted felon Mark Holsombach, age 49, and 28-year-old William J- Frazier are being sought. A search of the men's cabin turned up mainly trash and junk, but police say they also found weapons on the property. State police went to the men's hut early Monday morning to serve a bench warrant for Holsombach for possession of firearms, a Florida arrest warrant that included a theft charge against Frazier, and a search warrant for the hut. They also wanted to talk to the two about the disappearance of to speak to about the recent disappearance of 46-year-old Theodore Throneberry and his wife 45-year-old Ann Ryberg Throneberry. The Throneberrys lived in the area.