"They're here...we just can't find them"

(March 26, 2004) - (Alread-AP) -- Police searching today for two men wanted for shooting a state trooper say they're confident that the fugitives are still in the area. The search began to wind down yesterday in the Ozark Mountains. Convicted felon Mark A- Holsombach, who's 49 years old, and 28-year-old William J- Frazier are wanted in the shooting of a state trooper and for questioning in the disappearance of two of their neighbors. The pair have eluded police since Monday, when they fired shots at officers from near their hut at the end of a dirt road. State police said it is unlikely the pair left the mountain because every vehicle in that portion of western Van Buren County has been accounted for. Earlier today, fog grounded a police helicopter looking for the men.