President Bush in El Dorado today

(April 6, 2004) - (El Dorado-AP) -- President Bush is due in El Dorado today to talk about job training and the economy. The southern Arkansas town a hub of the state's oil, timber and manufacturing economy - has been plagued recently by plant closings and near double-digit unemployment. Bush will speak at South Arkansas Community College and leave shortly after the discussion. The event is billed as a presidential visit rather than a campaign stop. Yesterday, Republicans opened Bush's state re-election campaign headquarters in Little Rock. Governor Huckabee says some people may think El Dorado is Democratic territory, but will find out the area is for Bush. Huckabee and Lieutenant Governor Win Rockefeller, both Republicans, were joined at the opening by Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie, who predicted Bush would win Arkansas by more than the 51 percent he tallied in 2000 against Democrat Al Gore.