Springdale mom wins "Young Mother" award

(April 8, 2004) - (Little Rock-AP) -- Michelle Duggar jokes that her children range from diapers to driver's education. And she has good reason. Duggar had her 14 children in tow as she accepted the state's Young Mother award yesterday and she is due to deliver her 15th in two months. The 37-year-old home schools her children and is helping build a new, larger house from the ground up. Michelle is married to former state representative Jim Bob Duggar and the family lives in Springdale. Right now the family has a smaller home with just two bathrooms and Jim Bob says a line tends to form. The new home will have one dormitory-style room for the boys and one for the girls with ten bathrooms. Michelle said she's pretty sure the next child is a boy and that the couple will name him Jackson. Jackson will join Joshua, 16; Jana and John-David, 14; Jill, 12; Jessa, 11; Jinger, ten; Joseph, nine; Josiah, seven; Joy-Anna, six; Jeremiah and Jedidiah, five; Jason, three; James, two and Justin, one. Governor Huckabee presented the award.