Nutt, Nebraska disagree under oath

(April 14, 2004) - (Little Rock-AP) -- Arkansas football coach Houston Nutt's testimony under oath is that he had a non-written offer of two million dollars from Nebraska. But Cornhusker athletic director Steve Pederson in similar testimony that salary discussions never grew larger than one-point-five million dollars. The Arkansas coach and Pederson both gave depositions in a lawsuit filed by former Razorback basketball coach Nolan Richardson. The depositions were made public this week. When testimony was taken from Nutt on February 6th at Fayetteville, he was questioned by Richardson lawyer John Walker. He asked the coach if he had been offered two-point-eight million or two-point-five million dollars to go to Nebraska. Nutt said "No" to both questions. Walker then asked if Nutt had been offered two million dollars by anyone representing Nebraska. Nutt responded, quote, "Counting incentives and everything, yes," end quote. He said the offer was made by Pederson in a discussion with Nutt's agent, Jimmy Sexton. Pederson gave his deposition on February 17th in Lincoln, Nebraska. He said he never offered that much money to Nutt. He said he didn't even discuss money with Nutt. He said he told Sexton on January Second that the salary would be in the range of one-point-three to one-point-five million dollars, for six or seven years. Pederson released a statement yesterday repeating his claim that two million dollars was never offered.