(April 27, 2004) - (New York-AP) -- Former President Clinton will soon tell his story. Clinton's memoirs will be published in late June. The book, for which Clinton received a reported 10 to 12 million dollars, will be called "My Life." Publisher Alfred A. Knopf is planning a first printing of one-and-a-half million, a realistic number given the success of "Living History," the memoirs of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Nearly one-point-seven million copies of the hardcover of "Living History" are in print and a 525-thousand first printing was announced for the paperback, which just came out. If the former president should fail to sell more books than the first lady, he won't be alone. Memoirs by Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan both proved less popular than those written by their wives. No precise date has been set for the book, which Clinton is still completing.