Tyson cleared in NLRB complaint

(May 11, 2004) - (Milwaukee-AP) -- The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that Tyson Foods does not have to rehire workers who were on strike at a plant in Jefferson, Wisconsin, for nearly a year. United Food and Commercial Workers Local 538 had filed a complaint with the labor board's Milwaukee office saying the company had wrongly given the strikers' jobs to permanent replacement workers. The union said Tyson's failure to release the replacement workers violated the National Labor Relations Act. W-T-M-J-T-V in Milwaukee reported the labor board ruled that Tyson may keep the replacement workers. About 200 workers were rehired after the strike ended, but 100 are without jobs. The 11-month strike against the meatpacking plant ended in late January after workers accepted a four-year contract that differed little from the one that originally caused their walkout.