Gravette suspends another teacher over Nicholas Berg video

(May 24, 2004) - (Gravette-AP) -- Gravette High School has suspended a second teacher accused of showing students online pictures of the beheading of Nicholas Berg in Iraq. Superintendent Lee Ortman said a teacher was suspended and school officials are investigating the allegation. Ortman would not identify the teacher. Another teacher, whom Ortman also wouldn't identify, was suspended May 17th, pending a school board meeting. Ortman recommended that the teachers be suspended without pay. He said it appeared the two incidents were separate, although they occurred on the same day and in the same school building. The students allegedly watched a video of the beheading on the Internet on May 14th. Ortman said the school district has gotten many phone calls about the incidents. He said most of the callers say the teachers used poor judgment, and a smaller number say students should be made more aware of world events like Berg's death.