U of A witnesses on stand in Richardson case

(May 28, 2004) - (Little Rock-AP) -- Arkansas' play-by-play announcer testified yesterday that the relationship between Nolan Richardson and Frank Broyles soured as the former coach's ego grew after winning a national championship. Mike Nail - who has been calling Razorback game for 23 years - testified in Richardson's discrimination lawsuit against the university. He said Richardson became edgy and ungrateful after back-to-back appearances in the national championship game. Nail said the relationship between Richardson and Broyles took a turn for the worst after the title games in 1994, which Arkansas won, and 1995, which Arkansas lost. Nail testified Richardson spoke negatively about Broyles, calling him a quote "white-haired devil" and using terms that included expletives. Nail also testified that Richardson never claimed discrimination. Former U-A chancellor Dan Ferritor also testified yesterday, saying that Richardson was committed to his team but not university efforts to make sure the players got a good education. Ferritor said the ex-coach didn't provide the leadership necessary to ensure that basketball players took advantage of their scholarships. He said that Richardson believed it proper to draw athletes to Fayetteville, but that it was up to athletes to take the next step.