Nader shoots for Arkansas ballot

(June 18, 2004) - (Little Rock-AP) -- The man who may have decided the 2000 presidential election plans to talk about the need for alternative political candidates in Little Rock today. Ralph Nader is scheduled to address reporters and supporters at the Capital Hotel this afternoon. He is trying to gather 13-hundred signatures to qualify for a spot on the presidential ballot in Arkansas as an independent. Nader was the Green Party candidate in 2000 who many say cost Democrat Al Gore in a razor-close decisive election in Florida. Most agree he took significant votes away from Gore across the country. Now, Democrats say they are worried he'll take more liberal votes from John Kerry this year. But Nader spokesman Kevin Zeese says Nader is no longer tied to the Greens and is appealing to a wider range of the political spectrum, including the conservative Reform Party, which has endorsed him. Nader received Two percent of the vote in Arkansas in 2000 and more than three percent nationally.