(September 16, 2003) - (Little Rock-AP) -- Sources say retired Army General Wesley Clark has decided to become the tenth Democratic presidential candidate. Clark is a four-star former NATO commander but has no political experience. Mark Fabiani, a spokesman for Clark, says Clark has made his decision and will announce it tomorrow at noon in Little Rock. Fabiani did not reveal what Clark's decision is. But, officials close to the former general tell The Associated Press that Clark told his fledgling campaign team today that he's in the race. Clark is jumping into the race for the Democratic nomination just four months before the voting begins. That means he has to move fast to raise money and put a staff in place. Fabiani served as spokesman for former Vice President Al Gore's 2000 campaign. He is among former Gore and Bill Clinton advisers who are now rallying behind Clark. Among those attending today's meeting were Skip Rutherford, a Clinton fund-raiser who lives in Little Rock. Bruce Lindsey, former White House aide and now an Arkansas lawyer, also backs Clark. Clinton had urged Clark to enter the race, but neither he nor Gore is expected to take sides in the primary fight. The 58-year-old Clark was a Rhodes scholar and was first in his 1966 class at West Point. He embarked on a long military career that included heading the U-S Southern Command and serving as NATO Supreme Allied Commander and Commander in Chief of the United States European Command during the 1999 campaign in Kosovo.