U of A faculty dislike "D" policy

(December 3, 2003) - (Fayetteville-AP) -- Faculty members of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville have voiced their disapproval of a change in transfer rules to allow credit for "D" grades. About 200 faculty members attended a special meeting yesterday and overwhelmingly approved a resolution criticizing the board's approval of the rule change. The resolution does not call for action, but requests that it be relayed to Chancellor John White, Provost Bob Smith, trustees and Governor Huckabee, who appoints trustees. The board on November 14th approved a resolution softening a university rule that had barred transfer of credit for any D's. The idea of allowing D's to be transferred arose from athletic officials who said the school's rule barring D's put it at a disadvantage when recruiting, because many other universities allow such credit.