(February 10, 2004) - (Pine Bluff-AP) -- State Representative Johnnie Bolin's negligent homicide trial is now set for August 26th, his third scheduled trial date. Bolin was originally supposed to face trial in September for losing control of his vehicle in February and hitting three people in the median. The accident occurred on an icy stretch of Interstate 530. All three victims -- 23-year-old April Weeks of Star City and Jefferson residents Shawn Albert Storz, age 25, and 22-year-old Angela Brooke Storz -- were killed. The trial has been pushed back through a series of delays. Bolin's attorneys have filed motions to limit the admissibility of photographs of the victims, questioning the qualifications of state troopers expected to testify as experts and seeking to suppress Bolin's driving record. The prosecutor has agreed not to refer to Bolin as "Representative" since it might influence jurors as to Bolin's standard of conduct.