A Clinton makes "Tough Guys" list

(February 12, 2004) - (New York-AP) -- Men's Journal magazine is adding one more description to the many that have been applied to Senator Hillary Clinton: Tough Guy. In its March issue, the magazine publishes its annual list of "The 25 Toughest Guys in America" -- and Clinton weighs in at Number 25. It's the first time Men's Journal has put a woman on the list. Senior editor Tom Foster says Clinton earned the distinction by her handling of former President Bill Clinton's sexual improprieties while in the Oval Office. Hillary Clinton wrote about the pain caused by the president's affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky and the subsequent impeachment effort in "Living History," her White House memoir. Foster says Clinton's listing -- among athletes, martial artists, racers and wrestlers -- is not a lambasting. Men's Journal lists Clinton just behind human crash test dummy Rusty Haight, who has been in 740 car wrecks.