(March 24, 2004) - (Alread-AP) -- Authorities are on the hunt again today in the Ozark National Forest, using tracking dogs and aircraft to search for two fugitives wanted in the shooting of a state trooper. State police put the dogs on the same trail Wednesday morning where the animals picked up a scent the day before. The search remained focused on 50 acres in Van Buren County where officers say they believe the men are hiding. State police spokesman Sergeant Pete Westerman says the effort has evolved into more of a manhunt than a search. Forty-nine-year-old Mark Holsombach and 28-year-old William Frazier became the target of the manhunt after a shot fired from their hut Monday morning hit Trooper Charlie Edmonson in the arm. Police say they also wanted to ask the pair about two neighbors who have been missing for several weeks.