Ozarks fugitive case now possible homicide case

(April 8, 2004) - (Alread-AP) -- A charred body found in Van Buren County is believed to be that of a man missing since February 28th. Prosecutors say they expect to file capital murder charges once the investigation into what happened to Ted Throneberry is complete. Throneberry's disappearance ties in to a case that evolved into a two-week manhunt for a pair of suspects and led to the arrest of Throneberry's wife. Throneberry's wife, Anne, and their reclusive neighbors, 49-year-old Mark Holsombach and 28-year-old William J- Frazier, are in custody and considered suspects in Throneberry's presumed homicide. No charges have been filed in the death. Holsombach, Throneberry and Frazier were caught last week after the lenghty search of the Ozark Mountains. The manhunt began after a state trooper was wounded when officers tried to serve warrants at a cabin where the two men lived. Attempted capital murder warrants were issued for the two men and Anne Throneberry was charged with hindering apprehension.