Construction + heat = road rage

(April 21, 2004) - (Little Rock-AP) -- State police say they are getting an increasing number of calls to settle disputes borne of road rage. Captain Darrell Stayton of Troop A- in central Arkansas says dispatchers, on average, get a call a day from mad drivers - usually during rush hour. Yesterday morning, a driver on eastbound Interstate 630 heading into downtown Little Rock called state police to report a dispute with another driver. The two apparently pulled over and fought. But as a trooper was heading toward the scene, both of the drivers called the department to cancel the request for help. Stayton said highway construction zones and hot weather contribute to road rage. Usually, such incidents involve gestures, tailgating or getting in front of a vehicle and slowing down. Sometimes, a driver will show or point a gun. Stayton says police appreciate public reports of road rage and that the incidents often lead to arrests for driving under the influence.