Washington County among disaster areas

(April 26, 2004) - (Little Rock-AP) -- Governor Huckabee signed a disaster declaration yesterday for Baxter, Boone, Crawford, Franklin, Madison, Marion and Washington counties. Huckabee spokesman Jim Harris said the governor would fly over the areas hardest hit on Monday in a National Guard helicopter to survey the damage. The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management has declared emergencies in the seven counties and one is pending for Newton County. Rising water will create issues in Independence, Izard and Jackson counties later this week. In Washington County, about six-to-seven million dollars damage has been done to 300-plus miles of damaged county road, one destroyed bridge and some railroad damage. Newton County has 100-thousand dollars damage to county roads and it sustained loss of livestock. Crops and agricultural equipment have been damaged in Franklin County, which also has 100-thousand dollars damage to county roads.