Rural educators depict Gov. as Grim Reaper

(October 3, 2003) - (North Little Rock-AP) -- The Arkansas Rural Educators Association says it has ten fundamental points that must be a part of any education reform plan. Jimmy Cunningham, president of the association, distributed the list yesterday at a meeting in North Little Rock. Among the points are: targeting new money to help underfunded schools; preserving the current 38 required high school graduation units; and finding ways to make the state Board of Education less political. Cunningham, Save Our Schools leader Lavina Grandon and others say that if the governor chooses not to call a special session and try to pass an initiated act instead, opponents will counter with their own act. Grandon has distributed packets of postcards and other information for school districts to distribute. The postcards are designed to be mailed to legislators and Huckabee. One depicts Governor Huckabee's face over a drawing of the Grim Reaper.