(October 6, 2003) - (Little Rock-AP) -- A good public servant, a hero, a role model. These are some of the words used to describe former Arkansas Governor Sid McMath. The 91-year-old McMath died at his home in Little Rock late Saturday. He was also a war hero, a crusading prosecutor and a popular governor by age 40, McMath was released from the hospital Wednesday, after being examined for an irregular heartbeat. His death was announced by Governor Mike Huckabee's office. McMath's careers began with the military, moved to public service as a prosecutor and governor, and finished with a decades-long law practice in Little Rock. After two terms as governor, McMath spent more that 50 years living down claims of corruption in his administration, which derailed the career of a political prodigy who seemed destined for national office. McMath is survived by his wife, Betty Dortch Russell McMath, sons Phillip, Sandy and Bruce, daughters Patricia and Melissa, as well as ten randchildren and one great-grandchild. Funeral rrangements were pending.