U of A: crime not up, reporting is up

(October 15, 2003) - (Fayetteville-AP) -- University of Arkansas police say there's a logical reason that crime statistics show an increase in some offenses last year. Lieutenant Gary Crain says the increase in some crimes could mean those offenses are being reported - not committed - more often. Statistics also show that some crime categories decreased. Campus police say they'll continue to work on prevention programs on campus. There were nine forcible sex offenses in 2002, compared to five in 2001, according to university crime statistics released this month. Seven of the sex offenses were rapes and five of the seven involved acquaintances and alcohol. Crain says the university probably follows the national trend of underreporting sex offenses. Also, some crimes may not be reported until the next year because the victim doesn't come forward immediately. Arrests for public intoxication rose slightly, with 82 in 2002, compared to 79 in 2001 and 62 in 2000, according to police statistics, while drug-related arrests dropped from 28 in 2001 to 13 last year.