(December 19, 2003) - (Little Rock, Arkansas-AP) -- Wal-Mart says it was eagerly cooperating with federal investigators when agents conducted a surprise raid, arresting more than 200 alleged illegal immigrants at Wal-Mart stores in 21 states, including Oklahoma. The retailer says it even slowed a money-saving plan to move its floor cleaning in-house so it could better help the government investigate the use of alleged illegal immigrants by janitorial contractors. Spokeswoman Mona Williams says Wal-Mart had been cooperating with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement investigators for three years and didn't think Wal-Mart was a target. She says the government told the company after the raids that agents weren't satisfied with Wal-Mart's level of cooperation. In Oklahoma, workers were arrested at Wal-Mart stores in Edmond and Oklahoma City.