Huckabee: I did what little was done

(February 2, 2004) - (Little Rock-AP) -- Governor Huckabee says he's not satisfied with education bills passed by the legislature in the special session that began December eighth. But, he says it was his own work that spurred the House and Senate to even consider reforms. House Speaker Herschel Cleveland, an advocate for keeping small schools in tact, only gives Huckabee for trying to shut down rural schools. When the regular session opened January 14th, 2003, Huckabee proposed consolidating high schools with fewer than 15-hundred students. Seven weeks earlier, the state Supreme Court ruled the state education system unconstitutional. Huckabee says his advocacy of a bold agenda is what resulted in reforms. He takes credit for a bill that toughens testing requirements and gives the state Education Department more power to intervene when schools are failing.