Forget foreign fallout from fowl flu

(February 10, 2004) - (Springdale-AP) -- Tyson Foods says it expects little impact from foreign bans on U-S poultry imports. The bans were imposed after an outbreak of bird flu at a Delaware farm. Tyson says less than nine percent of its international poultry sales go to countries that have instituted bans. International chicken sales for Springdale-based Tyson, the world's largest meat company, were 800 million dollars in fiscal 2003. The company said production in Mexico will enable Tyson to meet international demand, despite the ban on U-S poultry. Tyson said it has a facility at Temperanceville, Virginia, about 20 miles from the outbreak, though authorities have not released the precise location of Delaware's sick birds. The strain of flu in Delaware is different from the high pathogenic strain now in Asia.