Photo: Orientation: Winter 2016

Orientation: Winter 2016

Welcoming New Students to JBU

Orientation is about developing community and relationships; creating effective transitions and encouraging academic success for you, our new student.

At John Brown University, we value these things and are thrilled to welcome you!

We strive to do our very best in welcoming you with a Christ-centered attitude as you learn more about JBU and college academic life. We expect you to have an informative, energetic, and memorable experience as you enter this community.

Freshman. Transfer. Commuter. International.


Orientation 2015check out your o. schedule.
see what's happening.
be here on January 11th!
move into your new home.
make new friends.
get ready for classes.
have fun.



Fall 2015 Orientation Directorsmeet your student directors.
they planned orientation.
they are students, like you.
they love jesus.
they want to know you.
they like to laugh.
they are here to serve you!


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