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Orientation is an all-campus effort led by a group of Student Orientation Directors and Leaders.
These students are here to help guide you through this transition.

Please take a moment to meet our directors.


Morgan MorrisMORGAN

Hi there! My name is Morgan Morris. I am a senior Early Childhood Education Major with an Endorsement in 5th/6th grade Math/Science and a Fine Arts Emphasis. I was born and raised not very far away from JBU in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I was once asked, "What's your favorite?" At first, I was very puzzled and I asked myself, "My favorite what?" But after some deep thinking, I came to realize that some of my "favorites" are, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, my family and friends who are tremendous blessings in my life, participating in theatre and music, and being a part of the incredible community at JBU. I believe that God has big plans for the JBU community and for you, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you at JBU!



Favorite Hangout in NWA: Fayetteville (proud native)

Interesting Fact: I get a lot of joy out of making other people laugh (which is often a result of me acting ridiculous or talking in funny voices).

Place I Most Want to Go: Unique cities around the United States and around the world! I love experiencing life in ways different than how I live it.



Karl AndersonKARL

What's up everybody! My name is Karl Anderson and I am a Junior at JBU, majoring in Engineering. I have grown up in Siloam Springs, but I love to travel and see the world. A couple of my favorite things to do are hang out with my friends and play any kind of sports imaginable. God has really blessed me through JBU; the people I have met, the experiences of JBU life, and the growth I have seen in my relationship with God as a result. I'm really excited for Orientation 2013, I know you guys will love this place as much as I do!






Favorite Hangout in NWA: Pour Johns

Interesting Fact: I was almost named Hans, but my grandma didn't want her grandson to have that name.

Place I Most Want to Go: Sweden!



Randy BlankenshipRANDY

Hey guys! My name is Randy Blankenship, and I am a Senior here at John Brown University. I am studying Worship Arts over in the Music Department, and I am the only member of the Orientation Director Team that does not hail from the northwest region of Arkansas. Born and raised in Indiana my whole life, two years ago I transferred to John Brown from a private Christian university in Tennessee where I spent my freshman year. Transferring has been one of the best decisions of my life, and I am so glad I ended up here at John Brown. In my spare time I love to play games with friends, take random adventures to Cherry Berry or Fayetteville, and I'm sure I'll enjoy cooking next year in my new apartment. I'm looking forward to all of you getting here in August! Get ready, 'cause we're gonna have a great time!


Favorite Hangout in NWA: Pour Jons Coffee & Vinyl here in good ol' Siloam Springs.

Interesting Fact: In the Summer of 2011 I took a Missions Trip to Vanuatu, an island nation in the South Pacific. We went during their winter, and the weather would stay in the 70s. It was basically wonderful.

Place I Most Want to Go: Anywhere outside North America. I want to visit Europe, Australia, Asia, etc.



Drew StehbenDREW

Greetings, What’s up everybody! My name is Drew Stehben and I'm a junior here at John Brown, majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Graphic Design. I love to go hiking, play sports (especially basketball and frisbee), and hang out with friends. I’m from not too far away. It’s a very beautiful and Natural State. None other than Rogers, Arkansas. I've been a Razorback fan all of my years. I’m extremely grateful and glad I chose JBU. Although it’s not far from home, it has been the perfect place for me. It's a place that has a devoted faculty, a large diversity of students, and tons of great people to live life with around campus. I can't wait to prepare y’all for school, while having a fantastic time doing it. Have a great summer and we’ll see you very soon!



Favorite Hangout in NWA: Any hiking trails along Beaver Lake

Interesting Fact: I spent two nights in the bottom of the Grand Canyon when I was 13

Place I Most Want to Go: New Zealand, Fiji, Iceland



Kearsten HobbsKEARSTEN

Hi everyone! My name is Kearsten Hobbs and I am a junior studying Child and Family Studies, in hopes of becoming a counselor. I am from Rogers Arkansas, not too far away from the great John Brown University! I enjoy spending time with people, and deepening the friendships that I have made over the past few years. I am thrilled for you all to get here and experience college at JBU.  My two years here have been years of incredible friendships, so much growth, and encouragement from faculty. We cannot wait for y'all to get here so that we can get to know you and get you connected into the greatest school there is (JBU), according to me.





Favorite Hangout in NWA: Fayetteville

Interesting Fact: I love Chick-fil-A more than anyone that you probably know.

Place I Most Want to Go: Wherever the beach is at!


o. leaders

Once you arrive on campus you will meet your Orientation Leader.
There are over 80 O. Leaders who are your link to the University. They are paired up and serve a group of 8-10 incoming students, which make up your O. Group.
O. Leaders are chosen to inform, serve, love, and connect with you, the new student.