Fall 2014 Registration -
March 31 - April 14

Undergraduate Registration Procedures

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4 Steps of Registration

  1. Pre-Register  through EagleNET (See Procedures Item 1)
  2. Meet with Advisor to plan schedule (See Procedures Item 2)
  3. Plan your new schedule & have courses approved by advisor (See Procedure Item 3)
  4. Register online for Fall 2014 courses (See Procedure Item 4 for instructions and dates)


  1. Beginning March 12, you will be able to login to EagleNET, click on your Notifications and follow the link to Pre-Registration.  You must complete this in its entirety and submit it online.  Failure to complete and submit this pre-registration will result in your NOT being able to register online for your classes during your registration time window.
  2. Meet with your academic advisor and select classes beginning March 17, 2014. 
  3. Using the new Student Planning module on Eaglenet, set up your schedule and have your advisor approve your courses. PLAN & SCHEDULE. Courses must be approved before you can officially register.
  4. Register online during your assigned time period using the new Student Planning Module on Eaglenet.

 Students will register for their Fall 2014 classes as follows:

  • Seniors           (minimum of 90 completed* hours as of October 25)          Mar 31 - April 4
  • Juniors            (60 – 89 completed* hours as of October 25)                      April 2 - April 7
  • Sophomores   (30 – 59 completed* hours as of October 25)                    April 7 - April 11
  • Freshmen        (0 – 29 completed* hours as of October 25)                        April 9 - April 14

*Completed hours DO NOT include classes in which you are currently enrolled. Each respective registration period begins at 7:30am on the first day and runs 24 hours a day until midnight on the final day.  Students will be unable to register online before their time period opens or after their time period closes. 


  • Eaglenet
  • Enterprise Services
  • Academic Planning
  • View Progress, Plan you Degree and Register
  • Use "Register Now" feature on your Course Plan page

 If you are having problems registering for a class due to prerequisite problems, class closed, etc., you may email the Registrar’s Office staff, and we will be glad to help you.  (Becky Lambert – blambert@jbu.edu, Sarah Philpot– saphilpot@jbu.edu; Julie McGarrah – jmcgarrah@jbu.edu, Sue Daugherty – sdaugher@jbu.edu; Kristy Keith -- kkeith@jbu.edu; Crystal Harms -- charms@jbu.edu


Things to Remember

  • Be sure that your account is not on hold from any departments (Business Office, Nurse, Student Development, etc) before your registration time.  These holds will block your account and will delay your registration until they are cleared. 
  • Fall 2014 schedule ( http://www.jbu.edu/academics/CourseSchedules/ )will be available on EagleNET March 11 and will be updated regularly. 
  • Advising begins Monday, March 17, but you cannot register until your registration period allows you to access the system online.  The hours you are taking Spring 2014 do not impact your time window.  It is the total number of completed hours you have as of March 21 and not at the end of this semester.  
  • You must complete the online Pre-Registration through EagleNET before you can register for classes.
  • You will have a hold placed on your account if you don’t turn in a copy of your schedule signed by your advisor to the Registrar's office by December 6, 2013.  This hold will keep you from accessing your grades at the end of the semester. 
  • Carefully choose the proper sections of your classes.
  • Notice any classes which have Labs.  They require two separate registrations - one for the lecture and one for the lab.


Once the official registration time is over the web will be opened again for add/drops. 


Graduate Registration Instructions