Welcome to the JBU Family!

We are excited to hear that you may soon be a part of the John Brown University Family!

Living on campus will enhance your college experience. It will allow you new opportunities to meet and live with a variety of people. It will also increase your ability to become involved in campus life.

Lastly, it will magnify your educational experience at John Brown University. We think most JBU students would agree, that living on campus is one of the most enjoyable experiences they have had during their college career.

If you are like most new students you probably have many questions about living at JBU.

Hopefully, this site will answer many of the questions you have about life in the residence hall, plus provide some insight to what makes campus life unique here.

So, while you are finishing up that paperwork and packing up to move in, we will be busy preparing your room and anxiously awaiting your arrival.