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Interested in what's going on at JBU? Check out our social media tools to keep up with the latest happenings! From JBU athletics to Enactus to the Soderquist Center, you can stay up to date with any news, learn about events and programs, and get connected with JBU community friends.



To find out what is going on at JBU, video footage and the latest announcements, follow the NewsFrom JBU Twitter feed.

Follow the JBUAthletics Twitter feed to read more about coaches, game scores and watch games streaming online.

This is the official Twitter site for JBU's Graduate Business Program.

JBU Degree Completion Program
Keep up with JBU's Degree Completion Program news and events by following this Twitter feed.

JBU Admissions
Perfect for prospective students, the Admissions crew keeps you up to date on visit days and gives a glimpse of campus life.

Follow Enactus JBU's Twitter page to see upcoming events and learn how you can get involved in Enactus's mission to change lives around the world through education and service.

The Soderquist Center exists to transform the way people in companies lead and operate from a strong foundation of values.

For the latest on how KLRC radio is making an impact and changing the community, follow this Twitter feed. You can also listen to parts of the show online.

For more about the KLRC morning show and the events and stories they have, follow this Twitter feed. Input your own ideas and tell your own story.

Be a part of contests and the happenings of MyPositiveEdge.com on Twitter here.



John Brown University
Learn more about JBU's news and events and view photos of the campus by liking the John Brown University Facebook page.

John Brown University Admissions
Keep up with visit events etc. by liking the John Brown University Admissions Facebook page.

JBU Degree Completion Program
Stay up-to-date with news and events from JBU's Degree Completion Program.

Donald G. Soderquist College of Business
Read interesting articles and keep up-to-date with the activities of the college of business.

JBU Athletics
The JBU Athletics Facebook page provides game scores, athletic press releases and photos from the games.

JBU Events Office
JBU has beautiful facilities that can meet your needs for camps, weddings, business events and more.

JBU Registrar's Office
Keep up with deadlines and registration information by friending the JBU Registrar's Office on Facebook.

JBU Visual Arts Department
Keep up with the news and events going on with the Visual Arts Department.

JBU CM Department
Follow what the Construction Management department is working on.

JBU Enactus
Visit JBU Enactus' (formerly known as SIFE) Facebook page for the latest news and events or just to learn more about what Enactus is.

Soderquist Center
The Soderquist Center exists to transform the way people in companies lead and operate from a strong foundation of values.

NWA Healthy Marriages
Learn encouraging ways to enhance your marriage and find out about upcoming relationship seminars for a satisfying, lifelong marriage.

Keep up with the latest ways KLRC is impacting the Northwest Arkansas community and interact with locals involved in the station's initiatives. You can also view photos and video clips of recent events.

KLRC Morning Show
For more about the KLRC morning show and the events and stories they have, visit this Facebook Page.

Check out the Facebook page for the Internet radio station offering Christian alternative music to Northwest Arkansas and beyond. The page links directly to the station, so you can begin listening now!

SMLT-John Brown University
Keep up with the ministry groups and trips at JBU.

JBU Drama Department
Find out about upcoming drama auditions and productions at JBU.

JBU Music Department

Find out about upcoming performances and productions at JBU.


John Brown University
Photos from campus and student life.

John Brown University Admissions
Fun photos from the Admissions staff geared toward prospective students.



John Brown University
A little bit of everything - events, athletics, major overviews, student profiles, alumni stories and more.



John Brown University
A one-stop shop for fun JBU news, photos, videos as well as dorm decorating ideas, college life tips and more.



JBU Degree Completion Program
Read news updates for the JBU program for non-traditional students and also find links for online application and live chat!

Soderquist Center
Keep up with the Soderquist Center as they work with people and companies to build a strong foundation of values.

JBU Emergency Blog
In the event of fire, natural disasters, power outage or other JBU emergency, this blog will become the location for necessary information and details of the emergency.




John Brown University
Keep up with JBU news and events and view photos of the campus by adding John Brown University to your circle on Google+.

Only pages listed on this Web page are official JBU social media. If you have an questions or concerns about official JBU social media, please contact Rachel Fiet, assistant director of university communications, at news@jbu.edu.