Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA exists to be the VOICE of the student body. We are the liaison between students and the administration. In addition to addressing students’ needs, SGA also publishes the weekly TP and sponsors the Junior-Senior Banquet.

See positions and applications below for the 2014-2015 academic year.  


SGA Officers (all positions open)

President: serves as the students’ official spokesman to the faculty and administration

Vice President of Elections & Legislation: coordinates all student government, homecoming, and banquet elections; ensures that legislative activity is properly carried out

Vice President of Finance & Administration: oversees the administration of monies of the SGA; keeps the official records of the Senate meetings

Vice President of Communication: maintains the SGA website and the Toilet Paper; organizes the Junior-Senior Banquet

SGA Officer Application


SGA Senators-at-Large (open positions below)

  • Clubs & Organizations Senator-at-Large
  • Commuter Student Senator-at-Large
  • International Students Senator-at-Large
  • Resource and Energy Efficiency Senator-at-Large
  • Freshman Class Senator
  • Sophomore Class Senator
  • Junior Class Senator 
  • Senior Class Senator

SGA Senator-at-Large Application


SGA Divisional Senators (open positions below)

  • Biblical Studies Senator (two positions)
  • Business Senator (two positions)
  • Communication and Fine Arts Senator (two positions)
  • Education Senator (one position)
  • Engineering Senator (one position)
  • Humanities Senator (one position)
  • Natural Science Senator (two positions)

SGA Divisional Senator Application


Application Timeline

Contact Luke DeYoung, SGA VP of Elections and Legislation, for questions.

Applications due: April  4, 2014 by 4pm. Please drop off in Student Development

Please Note: Applications require signatures from students who support you as a candidate, so plan ahead!

Elections: April 7-11, 2014 on Eaglenet