All phone numbers are 479.524, then the number listed unless otherwise noted

Central Office Staff

Dr. Stephen Beers
Vice President, Student Development
Phone: 7133
Denise Farine
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 7252


Residence Life

Dr. Andre Broquard, Dean of Students
Director of Residence Life
Phone: 7229
Andrew Lehr
Resident Director - Walker
Phone: 215-5100
Sarah Erdman
Resident Director - Mayfield
Phone: 215-5400
Eric Gingerich
Resident Director - J. Alvin & Townhouses
Phone: 215-5700
Emily Burney
Resident Director - Northslope Apts
Phone: 215-5700
Meredith Baltz
Resident Director - Hutcheson Hall
Phone: 215-5200


Office of Christian Formation

Rod Reed
University Chaplain
Phone: 7134
Tracy Balzer
Director of Christian Formation
Phone: 7461
Crystal Perry
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 7213
Frank Huebert
Director of Service and Outreach
Phone: 238-8672
Dr. Lisa Corry
Director of Campus Ministries
Phone: 7344
Sara Lentz
GA - Graduate Christian Formation
Phone: 7387


Counseling and Health Services

Dr. Tim Dinger
Director of Counseling Services
Phone: 7234
Jennifer Niles
University Counselor
Phone: 7473
Rhonda Hostler, RN
Director of Health Services
Phone: 7320



Danielle Keller
Coordinator of Student Activities
Phone: 7404


Career Development

Dr. Chris Confer
Director of Career Development
Phone: 7282
Rebekah Ruckman
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 7263


International Department

Bill Stevenson III
Director of International Services
Phone: 7119
Ron Johnson
Director of Walton International Scholarship Fund
Phone: 7236
Shohreh Noorbakhsh
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 7108
Mindi Stevenson
International Education Coor.
Phone: 7363
Hans and Jane Koebele
Phone: 7374