Freshman Summer Reading Program

Hundreds of colleges and universities all over the country invite in-coming students to engage in a particular text before they arrive on campus.  The summer reading program at John Brown University is called JBU Reads.  It’s simple, really.  We read here.  All of us.  We read the Bible.  We read novels, plays, and poems.  We read books about the spiritual life.  We read books about government, sports, psychology, philosophy, science, and business.  We “read” paintings and sculptures.  We read magazines, journals, and websites.  Yes, reading a computer screen is still reading.  So, we do lots of that here.  Since we are a place that reads, it seems natural for us to invite you to read with us even before you arrive.

JBU Reads was developed to introduce students to JBU:  its academic life, its spiritual life, and its communal life.  You will read, think, write, talk, and listen during your years at JBU—this program just gets you started.