Meet Your Counselor - Christa

Meet Christa - Admissions Counselor for Internationals, MKs, Missouri and Illinois

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Christa Slagter: Hi, my name is Christa Slagter. I work with students from Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Internationals and Missionary Kids. I grew up as a military kid, so we moved around a lot. Home is wherever my family is. Right now I live with three of my closest friends and we all share a common obsession for homemade granola. The first person I met at JBU was the campus safety officer. My dad and I were actually driving around campus and it was a little bit icy and we broke a fence. We actually drove into a fence and broke it. So that’s why the campus safety officer had to come and meet us, but the rest of my visit was great. Everyone from the campus safety officer to the students, the professors and the faculty were so friendly. And that’s one of the reasons why I came to JBU
Lauren Pemberton : Slash-ter?
Hannah Bradford: Slag-ter?
Joey Morningstar: Um.. Sliterban?
Christa Slagter: My last name is pronounced ‘sla-ter’. The ‘g’ is silent. In Dutch it means ‘butcher’, but please don’t slaughter it. As an admissions counselor I work with students through the admissions processes, review applications, travel to high schools and churches, skype with international students and give tours of campus. In high school, I was really unsure of where I wanted to go to college, but I chose JBU for a number of reasons, mainly because it was spiritually healthy and academically challenging. I was really amazed at the way that students, professors, faculty and staff went above and beyond to care for each other and this taught me a lot about how to care and love other people in the body of Christ. Now I love working at JBU and I’m really passionate about sharing JBU with other students