DCP: Biblically Centered

See how the Degree Completion Program centers around faith-based instruction and experience.

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Carlos Chicas (Student): At John Brown University, it is very important to have that… faith. Because to be able to be successful in life you have to grow as a human being first.
Christine Nance (Student): I mean I was really really really busy and I just felt kind of disconnected with God. At John Brown it helps you grow spiritually.
Tracy Bikes (Student): It really ignited all of our walks with Christ again.
Nic Howard (Graduate): I grew spiritually through the program a lot.
Derrik Limbrick (Graduate): I think just giving you a foundation that you can push yourself to another level in your life besides just work.
Pat O’Brien: All of our faculty are active Christians in the process of working out their faith in their life.
Dr. Patrick Pendleton: You know for me as an instructor the beauty there is that I don’t have to separate what I believe and what I know to be truth from some academic subject.
Carlos Chicas (Student): I’ve just been amazed by the things that I have learned, you know, in my Bible classes through John Brown University.
Audrey Baker (Student): Having the chaplain come in and him doing a devotion with us and asking for prayer requests and things like that- I had never been exposed to that but I really enjoyed it.
Dr. Gloria Gale (Professor): We intentionally give a Christian perspective. You don’t have to be a Christian to come into this, you don’t have to even agree with principles, you do have to follow the rules.
Tracy Bikes (Student): I will not have lost my way, where I might have in a secular school… wouldn’t have maybe been so purposeful or intentional with the Christian aspect.
Nic Howard (Graduate): Before my experience at JBU, I really didn’t know I could be a good Christian leader in a corporate world.

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