DCP: Experienced Education Professors

See how each Early Childhood Education professor brings a new piece to the program's experience.

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Tracy Bikes (Student): While they’re teaching us the curriculum, they’re also adding in real life.
Jody Bricker (Professor): So they’re not teaching from an ivory tower, that this is what’s really going on out there in the real world. When a student says well how do you handle a bunch of kids that are on different levels, you kind of know what you’re talking about because you’ve just been in there, in the classroom.
Audrey Baker (Student): She talked about specific ways that she worked with her students on, like one on one small groups and different strategies to use for reading. She could tell us exact examples that she used that day.
Tracy Bikes (Student): There’s been a lot of really good instructors that we love.
Dr. Gloria Gale (Professor): They are the face of John Brown for our Degree Completion students.
Audrey Baker (Student): I just love her. She would go out of her way, she would buy us books and stuff for fifty cents and a dollar at this bookstore and just bring them to class.
Tracy Bikes (Student): They’re not just showing up and getting a paycheck, they have a vested interest in the JBU student.
Aubrey Baker (Student): There are several professors that I had that are currently, like today, principals. They could tell us specifically what they do, how they prepare for it, what their teachers have to do.
Tracy Bikes (Student): They’re going to come along side me, and then develop the professional side of working with children.
Aubrey Baker (Student): They talked about today, and the technology they use today.
Tracy Bikes (Student): She had a wealth of information for interview processes, she also left her number and said when you get to that point, please call me. You know, if you even want to do mock interviews.
Jody Bricker (Professor): Each professor brings a new piece into their experience, and they grow through that so you get to be a kind of a part of that whole process.

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