Grad: Take Your Teaching to the Next Level

Build on experience by integrating new learning through M.Ed. program.

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Matt Saferite (Graduate): Anybody that walks into my office, looking for a job, and their resume shows that they’re a John Brown graduate, they go right to the top of the list.
Gloria Gale (Professor): John Brown, we have a good reputation for a really good reason.
Anna Baker (Graduate): They are aware of what new changes are happening in the school district, and that is something that benefits any student.
Grace Davis (Professor): There is a commitment to lifelong learning, that it’s never going to stop.
Caleb Shultz (Graduate): I really enjoyed JBU’s quality of professors, quality of learning content and the ability to apply it in a Biblical aspect.
Matt Saferite (Graduate): It’s absolutely imperative for, educators in this case, to continue to hone their craft.
Gloria Gale (Professor): Past graduates of our education program have been asking for a master’s program for years. They’re really excited about this.
Dick Ellis (Dean): The M. Ed. at JBU is designed not to prepare you to become a teacher, but is to take those who are already teachers and make them better and more proficient, more experts in their field.
Grace Davis (Professor): It’s an exciting thing to enter a program that has been designed and integrated in a way that you can keep doing your job and you can learn new information, and you can be integrating your job with that new information at the same time in a sustained, systematic way.
Dick Ellis (Dean): Make them better and more proficient in their curriculum instruction, also work in some things with TESOL.
Anna Baker (Graduate): I graduated with an endorsement in TESOL. Strategies, methods, best practices for how to teach students, it’s a huge help every day.
Dick Ellis (Dean): It’s designed to take that teacher and move them to the next level.
Gloria Gale (Professor): What happens at the bachelors level is you go out of the chute, and you’re theory rich and experience poor. And so then you teach for a few years, and pretty soon you’re experience rich, but you’re not really up on your theory.
Grace Davis (Professor): So you’re coming back in is there’s a real focus and intentionality for where you want to take it to the next level.
Matt Saferite (Graduate): The job of education is leading people, it’s not dispensing content.
Gloria Gale (Professor): School improvement plans are requiring their teachers to do action research.
Matt Saferite (Graduate): Every teacher in my building that’s a student in a program that does an action research project very significantly helps our school improve.
Gloria Gale (Professor): This would be an opportunity in the midst of a graduate program for them to leave part of their legacy, or perhaps live a legacy right on the spot.
Grace Davis (Professor): And the thing about education is it changes lives.
Gloria Gale (Professor): There is complete congruence between a scriptural, Christian view and good science, good teaching, good learning.
Grace Davis (Professor): In offering a graduate program what I think JBU offers is we can offer hope.
Dick Ellis (Dean): To bring the mission of the institution and a sense of Christ-centeredness into the education process and again influence generations of children through years to come.

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