Major: Early Childhood Education

Learn about the Early Childhood Education major.

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Tom Lamborn (Professor): The public schools know that we produce quality teachers. When they hear JBU graduate, they can be assured of a quality student.
Grace Davis (Professor): They come loving children, and they come with lots of very good experiences and they want to make a difference.
Andrew Goode (Student): A lot of the kids don’t have male role models, or even male father figures that are in their lives, and I feel like God has given me a passion for kids.
Hannah Cook (Student): It’s that exciting feeling that you get when you see a student’s face light up because you have taught them something. And so I knew that I was going to be a teacher no matter what it took.
Andrew Goode (Student): JBU really pushes the idea of integrating faith and learning.
Hannah Cook (Student): We pray, not only for ourselves but for our students. We pray for the people groups that we’re going to be reaching, we pray for the different students that we are impacting on a daily basis.
Tom Lamborn (Professor): We look at Christ’s methods of teaching, talk about Christlike characteristics, and how they can show themselves in the classroom.
Grace Davis (Professor): We see every child as the face of the Lord, you know. And they are his children, and they are here, and this is the calling.
Andrew Goode (Student): One thing that I feel like JBU does really well is even your freshman year they get you into the classroom observing and helping teachers.
Tom Lamborn (Professor): The very first course when a student comes in, my Ed Foundations class, they’re out in the school for at least a day.
Grace Davis (Professor): And that’s where field experience augments the theory within the classroom and they see the realness.
Hannah Cook (Student): When I was able to see something that I learned on a Monday here at JBU that I can go Tuesday to a classroom and see that teacher doing what I just learned about.
Andrew Goode (Student): Everything just really applied to your time in classroom.
Hannah Cook (Student): I have a professor who’s taught overseas, a professor who’s taught in private schools, in public schools, who have been administrators, so we have a wide range of expertise available for us.

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